Michèle Oberdieck

Fused glass textile panels


Fused glass textiles panels are made from specially designed screen printed fabric, which is then fused between 2 sheets of toughened glass.

These floating abstract botanicals on fabric offer a splendour of options for a variety of spaces.They are custom made to any scale, or colourway. Each piece is specially designed to capture the many fresh colours and natural imagery.

Whether used as sliding glass doors leading onto the terrace of modern extensions, or as a decorative panel or wall, these glass panels highlight, and enhance their surroundings.

Great in the bathroom as a splashback or shower screen, or an airtight piece of artwork requiring no frame. Placed in the window to give you privacy without blocking out the light, these objet d'art have both a practical, as well as decorative function.

Each layer involved in the fusing process is worked on through a variety of printing techniques, and sandblasted etching creating depth and movement. Choose from an abundance of fresh colour ways and original designs, as well as the level of opaqueness desired.


White Iris

White Iris on silk organza fused in toughened glass