Michèle Oberdieck


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Etched Shower ScreenThis was an unusual piece as the screen was to be embedded into a wall within the stairwell, which shared the same wall as the bathroom. This idea made good use of two light sources. The sky light from the bathroom, was able to give light to the stairwell, through the shower screen, which was reciprocated with the sky light above the stairs adding light also through the screen to the bathroom. As the shower is in full view of the stairs, the screen needed to have some added privacy which was accomplished by etching the surface with details from the silk screen print fused within the glass, and thus enhancing the artwork, by adding another dimension to the surface.

Hand Dyed and Screen Printed Silk Puff Sleeve Blouse
Etched Shower Screen Etched Shower Screen Etched Shower Screen Etched Shower Screen